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Single origin? Yes, Gayo beans? Yes, Arabica? Yes, Wine? Yes. These beans have it all, as the name suggest these beans have been processed to create an inimitable taste and aroma that you can find in wine. These beans have also been processed using the wet process, its cherry semi washed, and its mucilage(honey) has been left naturally processed before its crafted specially to be fermented further. This fermentation take up from 30-60 days. Despite its name these Wine beans does not contain any alcohol. Instead these beans have similar notes to the Indonesian tamarind that is widely used for cooking in Southeast Asia. It is acidic but bold and fruity at the same time. The Wine beans are slowly gaining its popularity in the coffee lover community. These beans are perfect for palate curious coffee lover. In the right roaster hand and special barista these beans could taste differently yet will always find its amazingness in people palate. Indeed, it is beans that should be in one of your menu as soon as possible.