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Coffee beans are widely known for its brownish roasted colour. However, some people still don’t know that coffee beans actually come from cherries, the reason behind these epicure beans being called Red Cherry. These beans are also Gayo beans just like the other beans that is offered by BICA beans which has floral and spices notes. Though, these beans have very strong fruity notes compared to others. As the name suggest, these beans are only from the reddest cherries manually hand-picked by our local farmers. Resulting to beans that are very complex yet bold in taste and aroma. These would also result to a sweet after-taste cup of coffee that will give customers a unique experience. Moreover, because of its crafting process, these beans naturally need to be hand-picked, allowing the Red Cherry beans to have low pixel only 3-5%. These would help businesses to craft a gourmet blend of coffee that will make its end customer remember that “in life there will be bitter moments, but done right it will be sweet after.”