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Not losing to its grade A partner, this fully washed grade B Arabica is also top-notch. These Arabica green beans have also been fully washed to create fruitier taste. Our beans are from North Sumatera, Indonesia. Locally these beans are called Gayo. Planted at higher than 1,400 metres above sea level in the rich volcanic soils of Indonesia, has created a favorable environment for our beans to deliver a classic floral notes that is similar to Ethiophian Arabica. Yet, not far from the spices characteristic of Sumatran soil, this Arabica has ginger, and clove notes that is uniquely Gayo. Resulting to a craft on its own most popular for its complexity and boldness. It has a strong aroma and extremely mild bitter taste making it a perfect blend of gourmet coffee. The Image above is the Grade B fully washed Gayo, keeping out great standard of pixels to only 5-7%. Perfect for businesses that need alternatives but still care for their beans quality overall. These beans indeed are classic tasted, yet unique. Moreover, with our beans quality being controlled, it will keep your customers smiling.