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BICA Beans Black Honey, are Gayo beans that have gone through honey process. Firstly, these beans are manually-handpicked, sorted, and depulped. Leaving its mucilage remains on the beans and sun dried, mucilage is the sticky and slimy part usually called coffee beans honey that also allows its beans to keep all the fruity properties of its cherries which is delicious. But this honey process unlike the natural process only allows minimal fermentation which allow these beans to still have acidity as well. Moreover, since BICA beans honey processed beans are Black Honey, it is the most extensive type of honey processed beans. For its minimal fermentation BICA beans Black Honey drying process are sheltered to minimized light exposure for 14 days, which is one of the most labor extensive process in comparison to some other honey processed coffee. These resulted to natural coffee beans with a lower dry-time, also lower the risk of over fermentation. It taste is sublime, fruity, yet still leave some acidity in it. It is sweet with a minty after taste. Another gourmet type of coffee beans that will rock your cup of coffee with minty moments. Sweet ,sour, and cool a mixture of distinct and classy taste for your businesses.