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BICA Story.

First venturing in coffee business BICA beans founders are coffee lovers before anything else. For that, BICA Beans have always love Arabica coffee beans and only sell what we already love. BICA beans allow people to see why many love coffee beans that is produced minimally over 1000 metres above sea level. Establishing in 2010 in North Sumatra, Indonesia, it is one of the area where the best coffee beans are produced annually, exported to all over the globe. Our beans, are mainly Arabica beans from North Sumatra locally called Gayo beans, which not only love by the North Sumatera people but the whole Indonesia, perhaps the world. It is one of the most consumed beans in Indonesia. BICA beans however would like to push and share the love of these Gayo beans by exporting and domestically supply these beans to many more. We only provide high-quality Arabica beans that is fully quality-controlled by our experts. Resulting to low pixel coffee beans. Our processing methods are also one of the best, creating different type of flavor beans which could help you or your businesses make a cup of coffee that is not normal, but a gourmet coffee drink. Through our different processing methods, we offer green coffee beans from the most classic tasted to the most unique tasted coffee such as Wine coffee beans. To see what we offer simply navigate through the Beans section in our menu and start your journey of greentastic moments through a list of our delicious coffee beans.